Shubh- Bridal jewellery

Our entire range of Shubh – Bridal Jewellery is offered in variety of colored stones and embellishments to suit different kinds of wedding dresses and different occasions. Our collection adds elegance with glamour to the whole attire of bride.

True to tradition yet contemporary in design, Saubhagya captures the beauty of an occasion, from your engagement to your wedding reception, with fabulous, ornate creations in gold, diamonds, Kundan, Polki and precious color stones in every colour.

The wide collection of Shubh- Bridal Jewellery, we offer encompasses Bridal DIAMOND Jewellery LIKE Necklace Sets, Diamond Choker Sets, Pendant Sets, Engagement Rings – Soliatire Rings , Platinum Bands, Earrings,, Kadas, Bangles.

Our Jewellery collection is presented in both traditional and contemporary designs. The fine detailing and beautiful art work of the Indian Jewellery, we offer, is much liked by the clients.

We at TDF also have Bridal Uncut Diamond Set or Temple Gold jewellery which is covered in our Royal heritage collection which can be worn for auspicious occasions like “Mangal Pheras”.

Solitaire- TDF Rocks collection

TDF brings to its consumer the world’s finest & perfectly crafted solitaire diamonds in an organized & transparent manner assuring our customer true value for money. Every TDF Solitaire diamond adheres to the highest standards of craftsmanship & stringent quality measures which go beyond any laboratory certifications.

What any consumer will look at is clarity & color, but what very few people are aware is that factors beyond the above points which affect the price of the diamond. One needs to check fluorescence, color tones, cavities or facets in the diamond, the luster of the diamond and more importantly the Cut, Polish Symmetry, Table & depth.

TDF Solitaire is hand-picked and we ensure that none of the Solitaires have any Fluorescence, no color Tones, No Naturals / No Extra Facets / No Cavities and have good luster.Xxx ideal cut

Hearts and Arrows

“TDF Rock” Solitaires are created using the most exclusive cut known to mankind – the Hearts and Arrows cut. Every round shape “TDF Rock” Solitaire is a result of (Ex.Ex.Ex)Plus cut which scores on proportion, polish and symmetry. Perfecting this cut is not easy. Ideal proportions, laid down by global regulatory bodies, have to be strictly adhered to, only then can the solitaire attain that superior visual symmetry and faceting for that perfect brilliance, luster and light reflection.

The proof? Every round shape “TDF Rock” Solitaire proudly displays the requisite 8 Hearts in the face down position and 8 Arrows in the face up position. The result? A solitaire that not only looks bigger, but it explodes with sheer brilliance of unmatched class. The Hearts & Arrows pattern – displayed only by Round Cut Solitaires, can be seen when put under a Hearts & Arrows viewer where “TDF Rock” Solitaire’s symmetry, facet alignment and overall perfection come alive.

The Hearts and Arrows Viewer is a rather simple device that directs white and colored light at set angles in order to catch and reflect light back from specific facets and angles of the diamond.

Selected by hand, less than 1% of the world’s diamonds are eligible to become a Solitaire- Tdf rock collection. Every step of it’s journey adheres to strict criteria, calling on master craftsmen and the most experienced of experts to ensure that only the most beautiful solitaire are chosen.

Rozaana by TDF – Your Daily Bling

At TDF it is our constant endeavor to make Jewellery affordable and available to all, without compromising on the elegance of the look. Keeping the same in mind TDF introduced THE ROZAANA COLLECTION, a stunning range of fine statement pieces starting at Rs 4999/- exclusively crafted for Women who wish to wear contemporary daily wear jewellery.

One part is the Western Designs for the new age working women spread across modern designs of earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets & bangles with a twist and trendy office wear like Huggies, Hoops, Tennis Bracelets, Studs and Pendants.

While the other part we have the indo western collection which has jewellery for all women who are looking for light weight daily wear unique yet simple statement pieces like Rings, Bands, Solitaire Jewellery, Light weight Bracelets, Mangalsutra pendants, Eternity Bangles, Earrings and Pendants.

All the pieces in Rozaana are value for money products without compromising on the look and design of the piece, making them lighter on pocket and yet desirable.